Where is my mind?

Hello people,

I don’t know if I have thoughts. At least not like most good people like yourselves. I don’t really think about things, things just seem to happen and when they do I just kind of watch them go with a clean blank mind.

Maybe that is why I am not interesting. I think I would be more interesting with opinions. Everyone else has opinions and that makes them funny. They get girls, they get friends. Not me, I just get this blog.

Maybe I just don’t care, maybe I am the worlds first example of an organic robot, or maybe I am just a latent psychotic destined for terrible things. What? Who said that?

My opinions usually amount to two things:

  • Because I am a man.


  • Because leave me the fuck alone.

I am kind of like the Incredible Hulk in that way.

Why are you ________? 

Because I am a man.

Can’t you just ________? 

No, because I am a man.

Please, oh I can’t take it, won’t you just ______? 

No, because I am a man.

Politics, weather, emotions? 

Leave me the fuck alone.


Because I am a man.

The trouble is, people would want to talk to the hulk. A big green muscle man, that would be awesome. People don’t want to talk to me. And if people don’t want to talk to me they can fuck off. Present company excluded.

If people don’t want to talk to me, I end up not wanting to talk to them. I talk less and less, have fewer opinions. I can feel my mind shrivelling away. Have you ever read ‘The Incredible Hulk – The End’, thats the trajectory that I think I’m on.

It’s just going to be me and Hulk at the end of the world, alone, because we are the only things that matter. Everyone else with their slick opinions can disappear into the wastes of their giant cities, and mansions or whatever. I’ll have my room.

Thanks for reading and good luck with everything.


No Internet, no life


Hello people,

It sure is quiet here and there is only one excuse. I haven’t got any internet buddy.

What’s life like for a caveman like me?

Not too bad I think, maybe a little quieter then usual. Believe me, if no internet was the worst of my problems in life then things would be fantastic. But even so, being without internet is quite a bitch.

If I need to know something quick then I am stuffed. I can’t get my copy of encyclopedia Britannica working and the nearby library is closed. Its not a good thing to know that you rely on something so much. Now that it’s gone It’s like I keep reaching for it like some phantom limb that has been hacked away. It makes me feel kind of weak and sad. Maybe I should know all of these things off hand, like the cost of certain things, or how many points I have on my cinema card, or what a famous celebrity is thinking. The fact that I am unhooked is hard.

So why no internet?

I don’t know. It’s just gone. I want to blame the service provider, but who knows what the problem is. They tell me that they are expecting it to be reconnected soon, but they aren’t telling me anything else. Its need to know information, or maybe they just don’t care about people  at my level.

So that’s it, there is an update. Now I  just have to figure out how to get this out there.

Yeah, I think I am going to have to do this the old fashioned way. 

Thanks for reading and good luck.

Moving house

Hello people,

Things change, people change, sometimes they need to move on. Sometimes they dont want to move, but they don’t get a choice. The people they live with tell them they have to move, even though they may not want to. 

Then they get told they have to move, and they have to pay for everything. 

The people I am refering to are my beloved mother and brother. And my dog and cat I suppose. 

Moving house costs soo much money. At the moment I think I am out something like $5,000 dollars, which all pays for bonds, crossover rent, removalists fees, cleaning and repairs. There is still more things to come with the old bond getting decimated and lucky me I had to get some tyres replaced for even more expense. I also have registration renewal coming up this month. Of course I have to pay for everything being the only unemployed rich guy in the world (sarcasm).

Why did we have to move?

Because of the cat and dog, my family would have you believe. The two of them had terrorised the flooring for the two years we lived there. That and a growing paranoia in my family members. Apparently everyone is out to get us, especially the police for no reason. At least that is what they are always saying.

So whats to be at the new place?

It has a back yard, but its going to be much of the same I reckon. Once everything is set up I’ll get back to posting more  then you can take.

Thanks for reading and good luck with everything.