Week Leak (July #1 2017)

Hello people,

Here are the questions:

Been applying to jobs? Yep.

Any response? Nope.

Still blogging? Still going.

Guess who did good work this week.

Thats right me, at least that’s what they told me. I’ve always had the feeling the only reason I have never been told off is that everyone is sort of scared of me. The only reason they keep me around is because they need a specific number of guards and if nothing else I am dependable.

In the security industry I am kind of what is reffered to as a body.  A static animated corpse who gets to stand in the corner and grunt at people, but things seem to have been changing these past few weeks.

People have been becoming more and more wild and reckless. Intoxication and drink flowing through the streets is getting lapped up by all the animals of the night. The bar I work at has been beset by chaos. And I need to stay vigiliant, or terrified, whichever of the two I have had to keep my eye on every single one of them because at any moment things can kick off and go wrong. For the past few weeks a lot of them have and I’ve been the one in the corner of the bar. So it was my job to seperate who needs seperating and kick who needs kicking. Which isn’t too hard considering I am fat enough and nice enough. There were about five incidents over two weeks that happened right in front of me. Each time I had to get one or both parties out of the place just to stop their death stares at one another.

So the head guard at the club slapped me on the shoulder.

“I’m going to tell you something, you’ve been getting a lot better.”

I nodded my head, confused because someone was talking to me.

“When you first started you were scared and wouldn’t talk to anyone. You’ve been stopping fights, joking with people and doing good work.”

I was sure he wasn’t talking about me, I hadn’t been talking to anyone, not more then I needed to. But I was too busy looking at cars drive by to see if he was laughing at me.

“I’m going to tell the boss and I tell you what I’m going to tell him to increase your pay.” he said.

I was sure he was joking about that part, but the rest seemed genuine enough. I thanked him, said I would keep trying and went back inside.

My pay hasn’t gone up, but I did get a call from my boss.

“A got a message saying you did a good job yesterday.” 

I tried to respond with a ‘cool’ or something but it just came out as a jumbled up mess of mumbles. 

“Keep it up.” he said before hanging up.

So I guess thats how it goes, you getter better at something without even noticing. Maybe I am even better at this blog, neither certainly feels true, but who knows, I guess that’t just a lot more pressure to not go backwards.

Thanks for reading and good luck with everything. 


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