Week Leak (June 2017 #2)

Hello people,

Here are the questions.

Been applying to jobs? A few.

Any response? Not yet.

Still blogging? A little, but I’m slowing down.

I guess I’ve been drawing a few too many things because the tip of my stylus ended up breaking off this Wednesday so I took a little break. Don’t worry I got a new one. Besides that one thing that happened there is another issue that I noticed with this short break.

This is about the 35th post in the last few months which isn’t too bad, but there is a small problem. These things don’t feel like they are coming out right, and maybe it’s a little early to say but they don’t feel like they are getting much better either. 

This slowness doesn’t mean I’m stopping, but, I’m going to try a few other things as well. Stories and whatever, maybe longer form and more connected comics. I want to keep going, but I also want to get better. I think there is something of a style to the comics but I may tweak them here or there just to see what I like.

Thanks for reading and good luck with everything.


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