Watching ‘All Eyez on me’

Hello people.

I liked this movie.

I am a big Tupac Shakur fan, All Eyes On Me may be one of my favourite  albums period. But is this film directed at people like me?

First off this is a biography, which means going by biography rules. Dramatic telling of a person’s life story, but within that the thing is still a story. As such the film makers have to figure what they are trying to do. This flick they go a few ways, the major one is race issues. Makes sense, Tupac’s parents were Black Panthers and Tupac/rappers in genral are rather polarising when it comes to race and community stuff. It was enjoyable, but I am not focused on those things. I think people who are probably like nuance or specific interpretations so they may think the moral message in the film may be ham fisted. I don’t care, because like I have said, I am a tick just sucking up whatever kinds of juice I can get.

As big a fan as I am of Tupac I didn’t really research or know much of his life prior to this movie, I loved the music, but that was it. I had a vague awareness of the big moments in his life, but the movie tells you the story and as far as that goes there were never patches that I didn’t find entertaining, my attention wad kept the whole thing through. But how accurate was the film? Beats me. Through this movie they show a Tupac character as being sympathetic, clever and at times whimsical, but there are other moments where you would have to say the man was close to being a lunatic with acts like beating up his driver, and shooting at the police. 

The stories of him getting into fights, shooting at the police and laying smackdowns on his own driver seem really brutal, aside from that though he is also represented as a political figure for his community. The film presents the black community as being very paranoid and unhappy with society, but the evil white man isn’t really shown, there is a suspect judge and evil seeming correction officers, but even then arguably the worse officer is also black. I don’t know if this is some kind of symbolic thing, but there are things for people to analyse if they have social interests.

I watched the film with my younger brother and he had seen a lot of the real footage, interviews and court hearings which were reference of him a good deal in this film. He said they were fairly accurate, but for Tupac officianadoes I am sure they will find plenty to pick apart. If nothing else this movie gave me a good interest to look into those clips.

There have been a few of these rapper biography movies, Straight Out of Compton, Notorious, 8 mile, the fictional Hustle and Flow to name a few. A lot of them go over the same kinds of themes, race, pride, poverty, revenge, sexy ladies, people holding them down, stealing, using, success and failure. These things are never done the same way, but I doubt many people would enjoy watching them one after the other. Still on their own they can be enjoyed a good deal. I liked All Eyes On Me.

Thanks for reading and good luck with everything.


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