Watching ‘Spider-man Homecoming’

Hello people,

If there is one kind of flick that I can’t really avoid it is comic book movies from the big two.

There are enough of these out that this rap about whether this was any good won’t really matter to you. It will depend on whether you have finally gotten sick of superhero movie after supermovie, all coming in the same year, and still coming year after year. Your tolerance for these kinds of films may supercede any kind of quality the film may have. Like a dejected super sinic ready to take up full blown cinematic nihilhism. You may be on a plane beyond, far away from the entertainment this kind of movie can give.

But maybe you aren’t so far gone, maybe another iteration of Spider-man seems exciting. But only if it is good enough. For you on the threshold I am happy to say that this new movie was pretty good.

This was a fun, funny cool movie. Does it bring new things to the table? Sure, there is a new suit, but the biggest is probably the connection to the other Marvel movies, which is pretty significant. It is not overwhelming, but plot and character stuff is pretty well connected. There are thematic differences which are heightened by changing the age of Spiderm-man to a high schooler as well as a rookie superhero in a world full of well known professionals.

Is it enough?

 If you hated the Amazing Spider-man 2, I can tell you that this is not the same movie. There is no spy stuff, no ghosts, or melodrama or sap. Not that I would have minded them, I liked that film. This reboot isn’t for people like me, I love these movies and Spider-man in all his forms. I can say that it didn’t really feel the same as any of the other movies and a big part of that is humour.

There was a lot of humour in it, so much so that it is probably more of a comedy than anything else. There are only a few scenes that aren’t comedic. I think the comedic parts work very well, but the straight scenes, particularily an intense scene between Spider-man and the Vulture, work just as well. 

Tom Holland as Spider-man was good, as was Michael Keaton as the Vulture, and the movie is good enough that I think people who are tired of Spider-man movies as well superhero movies should enjoy the thing. But whatever, watch it if you want, or I don’t know, go to the park or something.

Thanks for reading and good luck with everything.


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