Everything’s infested

Hello people,

Who hangs out in their room a lot?

Not you. You’re too busy hanging out with friends and doing things other then laying down and watching movies. Well Whooop de doo for you. I guess you aren’t going to get the point of this post in that case. Maybe it only applies to people like me but here goes anyway.

Have you ever picked up a book and noticed something. 

“Boy I don’t remember leaving all this dust here, and hang on a second, what are all these little insects?” You say to yourself.

That’s the funk my friend, the infestation, your reward for living the life of an amoeba. Congratulations on that.

And those little pinprick insects are called mites.

What kind of mites?


Dust mites, book lice, cockroach babies, does it really matter, they are everywhere. Pick up a book and you will see at least 10 or so wandering around and doing whatever. these things aren’t around to hang out either, they are badass little jerks whose sole mission on earth is to eat up everything you’ve ever loved and saved. Which if you are a hoarder like me is everything that matters to you.

Now its rotten and defiled by little douchebag creatures. I wish I could imagine these things as friends with all the right ideas. They like hanging out, they like my stuff, they like the ladies apparently. Heck we could be buds if it wasn’t for the fact these little ingrates are eating up all my stuff. Chewing it up and making babies all over the top of it.

I think there is mould somewhere but I have so much stuff I can’t find it. I pulled up a few mouldy books that were getting some fuzz on em. I chucked them in the freezer because I think that is what you are supposed to do, but I’m probably just contaminating that now.

The infestation goes further then that. Have you seen Creepshow, I feel like Stephen King in the ‘It Grows on You’ segment. Something has happened and the funk is slowly taking over everything around me. I see centipedes in the carpet, hear mice in the walls, and can taste those little mites jumping all over my dinner plate. Soon it’ll be me in my room covered in mould and dirt with worms squirming in my sheets. 

I love my books, I love my room. But if tiny little invaders have stepped into my home to take them I guess that is how it goes. Oh well. Maybe once all my things have been consumed I can start over again, but then I can just wait for it all to happen again. The funk is always coming for people like me. 

Thanks for reading and good luck with everything. 


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