Watching ‘Baby Driver’

Hello people,

Who doesn’t like Edgar Wright movies? People with no class that’s who. Or maybe just people who aren’t digging what the man is cooking. I don’t know, I like Edgar Wright, but it is reasonable that there are people who don’t like this guys movies. Some people only like girly, girly movies with lots of kissies and touchies. Gross man, I want some other stuff.

That aside the new Edgar Wright movie is quite a ride (car reference). This film was good and from what I am hearing a lot of people are saying a lot of good things about it. Was it his best movie, no way. That’s a three way toss up between Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead and Scott Pilgrim which depends on how I am feeling at the point of time they are on. I can watch them every other day because that is how good those movies are.

Should this film be stacked alongside those flicks on the shelf of super cool flicks you should watch?

Maybe on the farside, next to the pornographic section of your library. Or you can put it next to your other crime movies about driving and music.

This film has a style to it, which was very cool. A lot of it revolves around music. Entire scenes are sort of choreographed and edited around the beat and tempo of a song. This works for action scenes as well as simpler scenes, there is a constant stream of music through everything in the movie.

This kids obsessed with music that sounds lame and stupid as shit. Why?

Well they explain it in the movie with a few reasons, but beyond that, I don’t know. Put it down to music being cool and the style of the movie making people act weird and strange. Just about every character in this movie acts weird. There is even a vigilante character that pops up for one scene who seems to be building up to something but just disappears.

This film is full of weirdos, but if you like realistic, non stylistic stuff then you probably won’t like Baby Driver. This film is about quirks and being quirky. You can imagine being like the main character because you like music and dancing down the street don’t you? Because you are cool. All the tough guys make fun of you, they dismiss you, but that’s cause they don’t know that you are actually bad ass and can do this one thing that can smash their little nips in.

As far as weird characters go, I don’t care. The people, though eccentric, and you can literally look at how everyone acts in the movie yourself to see, even the children are odd, are just quirky and don’t diminish the film.

The action is very fun, especially when coupled with the music. The driving scenes are exceptional. I just kind of wish there were more of them earlier on because the first sequence of the movie is so fantastic. But still there were sombre and emotional scenes that were also good.

The one point of the movie that I found a little off putting is its final act.

Things become chaotic and a whole bunch of action occurs, but like I said the action is great. The weirdness I saw came from the characters and events. A particular one is Kevin Spacey’s character and decisions made relating to the final mission.

In total, I am not someone to say that anyone is weird or whatever, that’s like a fish making fun of a squid or something (I don’t know), but it seemed that everyone was super quirky which gets more strange as the movie goes on. If you like music and style, and a little driving, this film is pretty good. Another fun one from a cool director.

Thanks for reading and good luck with everything.